Multi Axis CNC Milling/Turning

Electro-Metrics Corporation has an ISO 9001 certified full service machine shop.  We can produce sophisticated machined parts in quantities ranging from a single piece, to full production runs of thousands of pieces.

Electro-Metrics has, and continues to invest in CNC Turning Centers, Bar Feeders, Machining Centers, Lathes, and other machine tools. Our equipment utilizes the latest technologies and software to process raw materials into finished product with high precision and speed.

All operations are conducted by highly skilled machinists and technicians under the watchful eye of an ISO 9001 certified quality management system.

Let us provide you with a quotation to produce machined parts for your needs!

Okuma 3000ex Multi Axis CNC Milling/Turning

Our lathes offer:

Swing Over Bed 22.83″ Swing Over Saddle 18.50″
Max Turning Diameter 16.14″ Spindle Nose A2-8
Spindle Bore 3.58″ Bar Capacity 3.18″
Spindle Speed 45 – 4,200 RPM Spindle Motor 40 HP
Rapid Traverse X, Z 984 / 1181 IPM Turret Positions 12 Positions/ 1 Turret
Tailstock MT #5 Spindle Drive Motor 4.72″
Tail Stock Taper 90″ x 72″

Our milling centers offer:

Specifications Values
Capacity Table Right/ Left 35.430 in/ 900 mm
Table Longitudinal 16.930 in/ 430 mm
Spindle Spindle Taper 40
Maximum Speed 10,000 rpm
Motor Output (5 minute rating) 25.0 hp
Magazine Number of Tools 30
Feed Axes Travel (X Axis)  22.05 in/ 560 mm
Travel (Y Axis)  16.93 in/ 430 mm
Travel (Z Axis)  20.06 in/ 510 mm