Shipping & Exporting

Our dedicated shipping team always ensures your shipping requirements are met.  Our shipping department is involved in processing numerous shipments each day. Our facilities are equipped to ship product using our own freight account numbers then invoicing the customer for the pre-paid freight charges. Alternatively we can utilize a customer supplied freight account number for shipments charged directly to the customer, at the customer’s own negotiated freight rates.  Either way, you can be assured that great care is applied and all products have been carefully and properly packaged, whether being shipped next door or around the world.  We can provide IPPC Certified wood crates and pallets when needed, or we can package products into high-strength corrugated boxes.  Packing is tailored based upon specific product type, weight, size, destination, and carrier type. Innovative packaging techniques are utilized to insure safe delivery of each and every item.  We protect our products using bubble wrap, anti-static material, paper/plastic fill, soft and hard foam, and expandable foam which conforms to product shape. Products manufactured from materials prone to oxidation can be coated with chemical protectants, and wrapped with VPI paper/plastic.

Electro-Metrics has extensive experience with international shipments. Not only can we provide proper packaging materials, but we include all of the necessary documents. In order to simplify your shipment, we can provide documentation as required:  Certificate of Origin Documents, Customs Forms, Commercial Invoices, Shipping Letters, and Cargo Screening. In special circumstances we can work with customers and obtain export licenses for products requiring government permission for export. We have worked with numerous freight forwarding agents based on our customers’ choice for international shipments.

You can always count on the members of the shipping team to insure your products arrive safely and in the best condition possible.