High Pressure Water Jet Cutting

Our newest waterjet cutting machine is the 10th of the latest generation of precision cutting machines delivered in the United States.

Electro-Metrics’ multiple water jet cutting machines operating simultaneously enables the rapid through-put of manufactured parts. Our ISO 9001 certified quality program insures that parts are produced to the highest industry standards. Your products will be made exactly to specification and delivered on time.

  • Hyper-pressure 87,000 psi Allows for Faster Cutting

  • Precision Cutting (+/- .003”) and Thickness up to 8”

  • Ultra Pierce for Laminated Materials

  • Ability to Cut Materials from “Foam to Hastelloy”

  • Dynamic Cutting Head Technology which Virtually Eliminates Taper

  • FlowNEST Software Reduces Material Waste

  • Cost Effective & Competitive Pricing Available