The EM-6970 Parabolic Antenna is a broadband directional antenna that is used in performing EMC measurements in the 1 – 10 GHz frequency range when used with any 50 ohm receiver/analyzer.


When quantitative radiated measurements are to be performed, the 457 mm (18”) parabolic reflector would be mounted to an EM-6136-1 tripod. Normally, the pyramidal log periodic feed is utilized. It is generally desirable to change to the horn feed above 5 GHz, but for less demanding applications the pyramidal log periodic feed can be used up to 10 GHz.

An antenna factor chart is supplied with each antenna. All pertinent considerations are included in the antenna factors including antenna gain and conversion to open circuit voltage. Separate antenna factor charges are supplied for both the pyramidal log periodic feed and waveguide horn feed systems.

For interference measurement, the antenna should be located so that it is fully illuminated by the signal. For the majority of radiated measurements, the single wide bandwidth pyramidal fee will provide adequate sensitivity with unequalled convenience of operation.



Frequency Range (calibrated): 1 GHz – 10 GHz
VSWR: <2.6:1 (typical)
Average Gain: 8 dB @ 1 GHz
26 dB @ 10 GHz
Average Beamwidth: Approx. 45º @ 1 GHz
Approx. 6º @ 10 GHz
Calibrated for use in a 50-ohm system
Feeds: Pyramidal Log Periodic (LPV)
Waveguide Horn
Connector (both feeds): Type N, female


Parabolic Reflector Diameter: 457 mm (18”)
Weight (approx.): 4 kg (9 lbs.)

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