The Electro-Metrics Antenna Stands, which includes the EM-6137, EM-6137-1, EM- 6137-2 and EM-6137-1A are unique and very convenient supports for all antennas commonly used in electromagnetic compatibility testing. They are sturdily designed and manufactured entirely of nonmetallic materials to minimize the affect on measured electromagnetic fields.

An innovative quick change system allows instant switching of antennas regardless of manufacturer or mounting thread size. Additional low cost mounting adapters are available for all your antennas.

Two stand height ranges are offered to accommodate all of your EMC testing requirements, with the EM-6137-1 offering greater height capabilities. Unlike most tripods, antenna height can be changed on either model with a single, simple adjustment. Four individual leveling feet accommodate uneven surfaces. The EM- 6137 and EM-6137-1 are collapsible for convenient storage.



Thread: 5/8 – 11 and 1/4 – 20 thread antenna mounting adapters provided
Weight: 3.4 kg (7.5 lbs.)
Height: 60 cm (22”) to 94 cm (37”)
Leg Width: 84 cm x 84 cm (33” x 33”)

Also Available

Models: EM-6137-1 Modified Height 79 cm (31”) to 137 cm (54”)
EM-6137-2 MIL-STD-461F
EM-6137-1A with wheels

Product Sheet