The Electro-Metrics Corporation series of cellular band antenna kits are designed to provide the operator with an assembly of equipment necessary to receive and properly condition signals for processing. The kits are packaged in a convenient case to ensure safe, secure, and discreet transport and storage.


The EM-5550 kit is made up of:
(2) EM-5552 Omni-directional Antennas
(2) EM-5551 Directional Antennas
(1) EM-5553 Asymmetric Amplifier
(1) EM-5514 Control Unit
(1) EM-6134 Tripod
(1) EM-1601 Antenna/Amplifier Mounting
(3) EM-5517 Antenna/Amplifier
Interconnect Cables
(1) EM-5516 Amplifier/Control Unit
Interconnect Cable (20 foot)

(1) EM-5518 Control Unit / Receiver
Interconnect Cable
(1) EM-5515 Battery Charger
(1) EM-1390 Carrying Case
Optional: Linear DC Power supply
(110/220VAC input)

Product Sheet