The EM-7820-1 Line Impedance Stabilization Network (sometimes referred to as a “V Network”) is a single line low pass filter network designed to isolate an electrically operated device from an external power source (usually the power mains). It provides stable and consistent line impedance at the frequencies where radio interference measurements are made.

The 50 µH/250 µH network implemented in this LISN may be used in making high frequency conducted measurements according to most commercial test specifications including ANSI C63.4 and certain FCC, CISPR and VDE tests. It features a current carrying capacity of 50 Amperes.



Frequency Range: 10 kHz – 30 MHz
Power Line Frequency: DC to 63 Hz
Inductance: 50 µH / 250 µH
Impedance Characteristics: Follows VDE 0876
Specified Curve ± 20%
Maximum AC Input:
Line-to Line: 
440 VAC
Line-to-Ground: 220 VAC
Current Rating: 50 A Maximum Continuous Current
Monitor Port: Type BNC, female
Power Input/Output: Superior Pin Receptacles


Length: 41.15 cm (16.2”)
Width: 27.69 cm (10.9”)
Height: 15.57 cm (6.13”)
Weight: 6.69 kg (14.75 lbs.)

Product Sheet