The EM-7832-1 Line Impedance Stabilization Network (LISN) is a ruggedly constructed one-piece unit. It is a two channel low pass filter network containing a 5 µH coil used to isolate an electrically operated device from an external power source. This LISN uses insulated pin plugs for improved safety and features a BNC monitor connector.

The EM-7832-1 is individually characterized for insertion loss and impedance to assure proper performance when connected to the equipment under test (EUT). The LISN is used when high frequency conducted measurements are made in accordance with certain MIL-STD and FCC standards.

The LISN is nominally designed for a 50 A (ampere) maximum load capacity that can be increased to 30 A, providing the duty cycle is reduced to 20%. The maximum lineto-ground voltage is set at 220 VAC and the maximum line-to-line voltage at 440 VAC.


The EM-7832-1 operates over the 100 kHz to 65 MHz range. The network is ideally suited for use in MIL-STD-461AB/C conducted emissions testing.

The EM-7832-1 is used to provide known impedance from the power line to the equipment under test (EUT) while diverting any RF signals from the power line to a 50-ohm port.



Frequency Range: 100 kHz – 65 MHz
Power Source Frequency: DC to 400 Hz
Maximum Continuous Current: 50 Amps
Impedance Characteristics: 50 Ohms
Inductance Characteristics: 5 µH
Maximum AC Input:
Line-to-Line: 400 VAC
Line-to-Ground: 220 VAC
Monitor Port: Type BNC
Power Input/Output: Superior Plug/ Socket Receptacles


Length: 16.5cm (6.5”)
Width: 27.9 cm (11”)
Height: 27.9 cm (11”)
Weight: 5.54 kg (12 lbs.)

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