The EM-4215 is a high quality pre-amplifier with high performance. Suitable for a number of applications, it improves the sensitivity of any 50 ohm receiving instrument. This includes but it not limited to communication receivers, EMI analyzers, spectrum analyzers, oscilloscopes, etc.. The EM-4215 features high gain, high 1dB compression point and 3rd order intercept.

The Extremely low noise figure of the EM- 4215 improves the signal to noise ratio for receiving devices without adding distortion to the signal maintaining signal integrity. With a gain flatness of better than +1.5 dB over the entire wide operating frequency range, this pre-amplifier is a very useful tool in pulling low level signals out of the spectral noise floor. A calibrated gain chart is provided with each unit.



Frequency Range: 1 kHz – 1 GHz
Gain: 36 dB minimum
Noise Figure: 2.3 dB max, 1.7dB typical
Impedance: 50 Ohms, Nominal
1dB Compression: > 10 dBm
3rd Order Intercept: >20 dBm
Connectors: N Female
Power Requirements: 110/220 VAC 50 -60 Hz


Length: 30.2 cm (11 7/8 inches)
Width: 20.8 cm (8 13/16 inches)
Height: 14.8 cm (5 13/16 inches)
Weight: 3.2 kg (7 lbs.)

Product Sheet