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A Market Leader in Providing Cutting Edge Solutions for Diverse Applications

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60+ Years of Experience

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Custom Solutions for Diverse Industries

60+ Years of Dedicated Service

Electro-Metrics Corporation has rich history as a leading designer, producer and integrator of antennas, sensors and systems for broadband RF communications and testing since it was founded in 1963. The Contract Manufacturing Division manufactures fabricated and precision machined products and provides contract manufacturing services. The Electro-Metrics manufacturing facilities support both our RF Antennas and Contract Manufacturing divisions.


Electro-Sensitive Products was founded in Amsterdam, New York as a leader in RF technology.


Our metal shop was founded to assist the RF Antennas Division in manufacturing antenna parts.

The Metal shop formed a relationship with General Electric as a certified vendor for turbine parts, which grew the division into a business of its own.

The Antennas Division honed in on its expertise in rugged, military-grade antenna design and manufacturing.


A new owner invested in state-of-the-art technology, expert technicians and innovative processes to drive the company to be market leaders in contract manufacturing and antenna design.

Present Day & Beyond

Today, we boast two elite businesses that provide cutting-edge services for demanding industries. Our reputation as the go-to place for precision-made products leads us to the forefront of advancing technology and quickly changing demands.

We can provide you with superior products designed to your specs and delivered on your schedule.